How To Repair a Refrigerator

No kitchen is complete without a refrigerator. It’s a standard appliance in all homes throughout America. Refrigerators often include a freezer and come in various sizes and styles – including side-by-side, top freezer, bottom freezer and French door. There are several brands to choose from as well. Amana is one popular brand. “You should purchase a refrigerator that suits your lifestyle and accommodates everyone in your home,” says Darrin Sanders, specialist of appliance repair in Suffolk.

You will find that most refrigerators start to experience issues after 10 years. Better brands can last longer. You can extend the lifetime of a refrigerator with proper use and maintenance. Learn as much about the model you own from the manuals included with purchase. The more you know about your refrigerator, the better chance you can repair it if an issue does occur. Below, we have listed some of the most common problems that occur on refrigerators. You can contact us with questions concerning the list below or reach out to a local appliance repair company for their service (recommendations below).


The list includes troubleshooting tips, common causes for issues and recommendations for refrigerator repair service providers in areas of the USA:


Loud sounds are often the first sign of an appliance wearing down, whether it be the entire machine or one of the many parts inside. In the event loud noises start coming from a refrigerator, it is best to inspect the evaporator fan motor. You should also examine the condenser fan motor at the bottom of the appliance. One of these motors is likely the source of the loud noises and will need to be replaced in order to eliminate the sound.


You never want a leaking appliance. A leak is a sign of interior damage and water on the floor of your home can lead to property damage or an injury. You should address a leaking refrigerator right away. To do so, first inspect the water inlet valve inside of the appliance. This valve is connected to the water line on the back of the refrigerator. Another cause for a leaking refrigerator is a problem with the door latch or seal. This is a minor repair most homeowners can complete on their own.


The most common reason a refrigerator is without power is either (a) it is not plugged in or (b) a circuit breaker in the house tripped. Be sure the appliance is plugged into the outlet and that there is no damage to the cord and take a look at the circuit breaker box in the home for any tripped circuits. If neither are the problem, inspect the compressor overload relay as well as the thermostat on the refrigerator. You can also enlist the help of a professional to identify the problem on the refrigerator.


A refrigerator with a freezer unit typically includes an ice maker in most modern models. Unfortunately, ice makers are prone to several issues, including not making ice or making it extremely slow. The reasons for this problem are the water inlet valve as well as the water fill tubes. The ice maker itself could be broken too. Look over all three parts and determine which is causing the problem and then replace that part. You can purchase new ice maker parts from online appliance part distributors.


The worst problem with a refrigerator is if it isn’t cold enough to keep the food and beverages inside cool. The air inlet damper is one of the parts often responsible for this problem. Locate the air inlet damper and determine if it is still working correct or not. Then inspect the evaporator fan motor before examining the defrost thermostat, defrost heater and defrost timer. Because it can be hard to identify the cause of this problem, we advise calling a professional appliance repair company in order to ensure the refrigerator is fixed before food starts to spoil.


Believe it or not, both a freezer and refrigerator can get too cold. This can lead to frost on food and ruin it. The extreme cold can also put stress on the appliance. To determine the source of the problem, first inspect the thermistor and the temperature control on the refrigerator. Adjust the settings accordingly if set to too cold of a temperature. The next part to examine is the thermostat on the freezer and the defrost timer. Because this problem can ruin the food inside the refrigerator or freezer, it is best to address it ASAP or call on the services of a refrigerator repairman.

A refrigerator is more complicated than some other household appliances. We do feel that a homeowner can complete several of the repairs above, however, due to the complicated nature of the appliance, we often recommend hiring a professional for refrigerator repair and freezer repair. It is always best to call for help instead of attempting a repair and creating additional or worse problems in the process. Here are some of the best appliance repair companies to call on for refrigerator repair:

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