How to Repair a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are considered a small appliance. The machine reduces humidity levels in a home and helps to reduce the amount of allergens in the air. Dehumidifiers also reduce stress on air conditioners. Haier is considered to be the best dehumidifier brand. You do not have to replace a dehumidifier if it no longer turns on, collects water or if other problems occur. You can repair all of the parts of a dehumidifier and similar small appliances with the correct process, tools and parts.

Homeowners can save money in the long run by learning to repair small appliances on their own or hiring professional appliance repairmen for an affordable cost. APEX is here to help! The list below features some of the most common dehumidifier problems and how to repair them. You can contact us at any time or reach out to a local appliance repair service for their assistance.


Below is a list of problems that can occur on a residential dehumidifier unit including tips to troubleshoot and repair the issue:


There is a light indicator on a dehumidifier to notify the homeowner the water fill bucket is full and needs to be emptied. The indicator light should only turn on if the bucket is full. If the light turns on and the bucket is empty, inspect the float assembly for any possible malfunctions. Then review the float switch, sensor assembly and control board to determine the source of the error.


The main reason a dehumidifier won’t start or turn on is if the appliance is unplugged. Be sure the cord is plugged in and also double check that no circuit breakers are in the “OFF” position before continuing to inspect the dehumidifier. The parts on the appliance that can cause this problem to occur are the float assembly, sensor, humidistat, auto shutoff feature and control board. The level of damage will determine whether there is need to hire an appliance repairman near you.


Be on the lookout for ice on the coils of the appliance. This is a common problem that requires immediate attention from the homeowner or a professional technician. You will want to review the machine’s manual for specifications unique to the model and then troubleshoot the humidity control on the appliance. Also inspect the bi-metal thermostat and the fan motor in the process for any issues.


The main purpose of a dehumidifier is to collect and store the moisture from the air in a home. Your appliance is broken if it is not collecting moisture inside the bucket. This repair will require you to inspect several parts of the dehumidifier. The capacitor is a good place to start. “I recommend reviewing the fan motor, overload and control board on the machine for any signs of damage or malfunction,” says Craig Porter of appliance repair in Whittier.


Homeowners will generally run a dehumidifier on a constant basis during humid seasons which means the machine needs to stay on for long periods of time. If the dehumidifier is turning off unexpectedly, you will want to troubleshoot several parts of the appliance to determine the cause. The sensor on the machine is the first place to look and then the humidity control after that.

APEX is of the opinion that the standard homeowner can complete most of the repairs listed above. However, we never recommend proceeding with a repair you are not 100% comfortable with. In this case, it is our recommendation to review local appliance repair companies near your home to find one able to complete dehumidifier repair. We have identified a handful of local companies able to do so:

EZ Whittier Appliance Repair
Whittier, CA

Green Machine Appliance Repair
Seattle, WA

Leading Yuma Appliance Repair
Yuma, AZ

Newton Appliance Repair NOW
Newton, MA

Bud Mathews Services
Chapel Hill, NC

Choice Carmel Appliance Repair
Carmel, IN

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Long Beach, CA